Al Hokair Hospitality

Al Hokair Hospitality

We are an award winning group with experience that spans over two decades in the field. Since its creation, the group has been a pioneer that ushered the beginning of major hotel investments in the region through strategic partnerships with global companies and a deep understanding of local hospitality traditions.  This unique blend of traditional Arabian hospitality with international standards and commitment to high quality has made Al Hokair Hospitality one of the leading companies in the industry. It continues to deliver upscale hospitality services through powerful brands that satisfy the leisure and business needs of guest.

Why Al Hokair Hospitality

Over the year, Al Hokair Group has become a leader in the market and stood out to redefine the hospitality industry. The group has earned the trust of its investors and partners wi ...

Key People

Hotels Division is driven by a team of dedicated management professionals with decades of international industry experience. The heart and soul of the company, the leaders of Al Ho ...

Al Hokair Hospitality

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