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Incubator of Development Ideas to Instill Concepts of Manual Labor


Al-Hokair, with the aim of developing ideas to instill the concepts of manual labor, has launched "Al-Hokair Development of Ideas" with the participation of a number of experts and administrative development professionals in the Kingdom. 


Abdul Mohsen Al-Hokair, based on his own idea of developing a project to foster or "incubate" ideas, plans to adopt and support innovative ideas, turning them into realistic contributes to the development of Saudi society, while simultaneously urging youth in the Kingdom to enter the manual labor market, where artisanal and technical skills are desperately needed. He also called on the youth to abandon traditional ideas that have deprived many from employment, due to fear of damaging their family's reputation, despite working in jobs that do not suit them.


"The development idea incubator will work to instill a love of work and a culture of professionalism, in addition to the creation of a supportive environment and projects, creative ideas for young people and promote integrated mechanisms to ensure the success of these projects," Al-Hokair said. 


He also stated that the incubator would hold workshops, seminars and scientific meetings to define the importance of the work and to instill culture among all, in addition to receiving ambitious ideas to be implemented on the ground, as well as the processing of a suitable place to receive ideas and discuss their respective innovators. 


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