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Sparky’s Scatters Joy with Amazing Offers, Prizes and Gifts

Sparky's Summer 2019 events in AlHokair Group locations across the Kingdom continued to offer events to the entertainment-hungry audience. The festivals that began with daily performances from July 7 and continued until Aug. 31 witnessed moments full of endless suspense.

The children were able to chant famous songs, take pictures and record beautiful memories with the characters they loved—all during the international and interactive “Baby Shark” theater show, FlashMob Show and the Robot Festival and Sparky’s Butterfly Display theme as well as daily draws on valuable gifts. 

In addition, Mac Team, Sparky’s stage-show team presented breath-taking shows that spread happiness at Sparky’s facilities. Aided by high physical fitness and amazing artistic skill, they created an atmosphere of joy and refreshment in the hearts of the audience. Sparky's have become a milestone in creativity with bold and distinctive presentations that have attracted the attention of the audience.

AlHokair Group’s Sparky's facilities provide a family atmosphere that stays in the memory of everyone for a long time, and works to establish new concepts of family entertainment by organizing such events and shows that meet the aspirations of visitors of all ages and make them enjoy spending beautiful time—at Sparky’s. 

Mishal AlHokair said that the group's entertainment centers in the Kingdom created joy in the hearts of the public and visitors in conjunction with the summer activities offered by the General Entertainment Authority. He said he believes that he has seen positive reactions from visitors during Summer 2019, which exceeded all expectations “thanks to God.” Which is an impetus to develop the ideas of the festival next year, he said


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