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Alhokair Hotels wins the awards for travel and tourism


The hotels in Alhokair group have won five prizes from The MENA Travel Award organized by CHA International for hospitality and quality awards in the middle est. and North Africa the award ceremony witch has taken place in MEDAN DUBI HOTEL in the main city of Emirates.


The Holiday inn Alqaser in OLIA RIYADH WAS AWADED THE PLATANUM awarded for the best four star hotel.


For the gold award it was won by the holiday inn half moon in Kobar in the Eastern province for best hotel four star in leisure.


As was the silver award for the ALMENA GRAND ALKALIDIA IN RIYADH .FOR IT’S THE BEST the best hotel five star hotel. The hotel also received the award for best pries for five star hotel given to its customers.


Last but not least the Holladay inn Alkobar for wining the award for best four star hotel.


The company has based its standards for high quality services .based on the latest roles and regulation running the hotel biasness as also been fallowing safety regulations with in the hotels.


As always keeping track of all new in the business wishing to keep the level of its staff to high standards IN HIS role in the business Sheik Sammie Alhokair vice president to the company of Mina hotel international company, thanked the company for awarding the prizes and voting for the hotels ,as for this awards will give the best in the tourism business in Saudi Arabia .and encouraging more tourists to the Reagan.


Giving the best high quality service to the tourism business .also hiring the best Studies more job, giving them the best training in this fields .As mentioned by sheik ABDUMOHISAN THE GROUP HAS Given the best to invest to the hotel and leisure and tourism witch will bake the biasness in all ways 


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