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"Sparky’s" Spreads Joy and Happiness with its Amazing Performances and Gifts

AlHokair Group’s Sparky’s continued its Sparky’s Summer of 2016 celebration in all

regions of the Kingdom. The daily performances which were packed with action and

excitement begun on 21/07/2016

and continued till  31/8/ 2016    

memorable acts, which received a lot of good reviews, came all the way from the the

jungles of Africa. The team of highly skilled and fit performers presented a show that

included an exhibition of paintings and fantastic folkloric dances, which created an

atmosphere of joy for all age groups.

Sparky’s became a synonym for creativity and generosity including offering distinct and

bold shows that continuously attracts the attention of the public.

Furthermore, Sparky’s also hosted a group of Russian clowns who provided an

atmosphere of humor, fun and excitement that kept their audience on the edge of their


AlHokair’s Sparky’s does all of this in the hopes of creating positive joyous memories

that will stay with their visitors forever. Sparky’s also aims to establish the concept of

family entertainment by organizing such events and performances that meet the

expectations of visitors regardless of their age groups.

For his part, Mish’al AlHokair, the Executive Vice President and General Manager of

the Entertainment Sector at AlHokair Group, said that AlHokair’s recreational centres

throughout the Kingdom have captured the hearts of all its visitors during their 2016

summer activities. He noted that they received a lot of positive feedback from their

visitors. This encourages us to try to top ourselves and exceeded all expectations in order

to keep up with our Kingdom’s entertainment vision


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