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The Largest Entertainment Destination in the Southern Province Al Hokair Group Opens Its Latest Entertainment Facility “Al Hokair Time Jazan”


Al Hokair Group has opened its latest entertainment facility, “Al Hokair Time Jazan”, which is considered a very remarkable addition to family entertainment in the Southern Province, including 3 entertainment brands: Sparky’s, Snowy Forest, and Sky Zone.

Sparky’s is known for its modern team games and mechanical adventures games that are full of strength and perseverance tests.

“Sky Zone" Trampoline Park includes many physical activities and trampolines, basketball fields, wrestling arenas, climbing activities, and other sports activities, with several parts especially designed for children from 6 years of age.

As for "Snowy Forest", it has a different and more special design that makes it stand out from any other entertainment city, including its interior design, decorations, and games that take place on sponge floors and nets in the form of corridors and mazes, making its visitors feel they’re inside a forest full of snow with cartoon characters and fun activities, all in a journey filled with stunning scenery and wonderful colors without compromising the safety of the games for those under the age of 12 years old.

The facility also has a number of stores for international brands and restaurants that cater to the taste of all its visitors.



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