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Al Hokair Time presents “Joy of Success “ initiative in cooperation with Kayan association and Berwin volunteer Team

The Berwin volunteer team organized the "Joy of Success" initiative for the children of Kayan Orphans Association under the sponsorship of Al-Hokair Group. The children were hosted at Al-Haker Time al-Rabuwa and shared celebrates their success in school by giving away gifts and motivating them to make more successes and achieve excellence.

Berwin volunteer team called on everyone to participate and collaborate to achieve their mission of improving the quality of life of orphans and empowering them through effective programs and partnerships such as this event, in which al-Hokair Group for Social and Charitable Work participated and placed it on their list of priorities in order to give back to the society and to work to serve children everywhere. Especially orphans, where they seek to bring joy to their souls in all their recreational and tourist facilities. The group has spared no effort in harnessing all its capability and locations to share the different events and interest in orphans in particular.

The leader of the Berwin  volunteer team, Consultant Faisal Al-Shammari, extended all thanks and appreciation to the members of the team and to the management of Al-Hokair Group and the management of the Kayan Orphans Association for their efforts to move forward towards a bright future for the association’s children, taking along all the aspirations, hopes and plans that the association will achieve, God willing, through all that they aspired to in order to advance charitable work for the better and higher levels.


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