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Sparkys celebrates the World Children day by launching the “Human Claw” Ride


Sparky's organized an entertainment gathering on "World Children's Day", with the participation of children from Kayan Orphans Care Association , Saudi Society for Schizophrenia and Vitiligo Charitable Society, in addition to a number of media professionals.

It included a diverse program full of events and surprises, participation in games and competitions, presentation of prizes and gifts, launching the children's entertainment theater with "Mag Team". participating children were divided into groups with full compliance to covid-19 precautionary measures, sparkys management made the children's safety and health a priority.

Since sparkys is determent to make the children’s day a very special day we have launched one of the latest exciting rides on the globe, “The human claw” ride that excited children and gives them an unforgettable experience.

Our goal in sparkys have been for decades to draw a smile on children’s faces and,we are doing our utmost to ensure the safety and security of our children in bringing everything that is new to them in the world of sustainable entertainment and tourism.



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