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Under the Slogan “ Customers Always Come First” The Annual Entertainment Sector Meeting Discusses the Latest Topics in the Entertainment Sector of Saudi Arabia

Under the slogan “customers always come first” AlHokair Group for Tourism and Development hosted its annual entertainment sector meeting at the Novotel Dammam Hotel.  The meeting was attended by Mr. Mish’al AlHokair, the Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Entertainment Sector, Mr. Bader AlHokair, the Executive Vice President of the Western Region, as well as all the department managers in the entertainment sector. 

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Mish’al AlHokair stated that the sector continues its achievements as it launches many recreational centers and develops many of its existing ones and launches different trademarks. He then highlighted all the strategic goals that was reached in 2016 to satisfy our customers’ needs. He then extended his thank you to all those who worked tirelessly to obtain these goals as he looked forward to the many local and international success they will have in 2017 under their new slogan “customer always come first.”

After that, the financial manager of the entertainment sector presented the financial results for 2016, which reflected all the achievements reached in the entertainment sector at a district level and compared it to last year’s performance. 

The quality manager then presented the rounded up results of 2016 and what they can do to improve their performance in 2017. 

Then IT manager discussed the reconstruction of his department and how they revolutionized and developed their software and how they plan to do much more in 2017. 

A presentation entitled Work Ethic of the 21st Century was presented to improve AlHokair’s workplace environment.

The marketing manager then highlighted the most important events of 2016 starting with Sparky's winning the 2015 Excellence Award for Tourism and the month long Bazaar of Tenderness and Generosity, which was considered the start of the many events that followed including Sparky's Summer Festival 2016. The marketing department also discussed their 2017 vision of "resigning the concept of entertainment in Saudi Arabia" and how it relates to the 2030 vision of the Kingdom. The Customer Service Department also revealed their new program which will be entitled "Enlighten Us" which is a program that make sure our customers' feedback is heard by those who are in a position to make a difference.

Several awards were then given to show AlHokair Group’s appreciation:

Best Recreational Center Award (financial performance) - Sparky’s Dhahran Mall

Best Recreational Center Award (the highest result in quality management) - Sparky’s Hayat Mall

Best Recreational Center Award (the most growth in quality management) - Sparky’s AlRashed Mall

Best Recreational Center Manager Award - Snowy AlJamaa Plaza

Best Employee Award- UAE 

Best Administration Award (The Regional Administration) - Central region

All of this was done to improve and encourage the invention and creativity of our employees that help develop our company. 






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