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Mena Company for Education and Development, which is affiliated with AlHokair Group, won an award forexcellence in education and development in a ceremony, which also included workshops and panel discussions. The ceremony was held at BurjRafal Hotel Kempinski in Riyadh on Monday, the 21st of December, 2015. The event was sponsored by the Human Resources Development Fund and organizedby Naseba and Glowork.

Mr. MajedAl-Hokair, Vice Chairman ofAlHokair Group, expressed his pride in Mena achieving such a prestigious award, saying it "truly reflects the hard work they spent on developing human resources and enriching the potential capacity for its employees in order to provide excellent services in this important type of training and development."

He also highlighted that allAlHokair institutes work on implementing these modern concept of self-development and human resources by an integrated scientific system that is managed by a group of competent worker who have the potentials of winning international and local awards. 

Al-Hokairfeels that such an award is "the perfect catalyst to provide the maximum degree of development and modern management in the field of tourism and hospitality and any other field that might benefit from it."

The Mena company host a variety of specialized preparatory programs. They are also known for theirconsultations and operation of hotels, restaurants and various hospitality and tourism operations as well as vocational training institutes and continuous learning centers. In addition to their state of the art classrooms, libraries, laboratories, conference rooms, conventions and exhibitions halls and top of the line entertainment tools.


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