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AlHokair Launches King Saud University’s Nursery “Sparky’s Academy”

AlHokair Group launched the American nursery “Sparky’s Academy” in King Saud University Housing for Female Students which is run by highly trained and experienced American administration. The nursery itself is a cooperation between AbdulMohsen AlHokair Group’s Mena for Education and Human Resources Development and the GEE for American Schools and can accommodate up to 180 children. Mena will run the nurseries and implement the highest international quality standards needed to develop children’s skills. This is achieved by a Saudi team of qualified nurses and kindergarten teachers that will provide the children with all the care they might need.  

Sparky’s Academy adopts a curriculum that is dedicated to providing the highest level of education that is most suitable to every child’s age group. Each child has a space of approximately 4 square meters as well as a full-time nurse to monitor their health and growth. All Sparky’s Academy’s supplies are provided by Lakeshore, a leader in childcare and early education, in order to provide an enriching educational program for all children ever since they are born. 


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