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Sponsored by the General Commission for Tourism and in the presence of Prince Abdullah bin Musa’ed AlHokair Group Sponsors Mizwalah, the Carnival

The Saudi Alzheimer’s Disease Association launched for the 2nd time Mizwalah, the Carnival, which was sponsored by the General Commission for Tourism and Antiquities and in the presence of His Royal Highness Prince  Abdullah bin Musa’ed, the Head of the Public Authority for Sports. 

The carnival is part of AlHokair Group’s partnership with the Saudi Alzheimer’s Disease Association to help spread awareness and provide entertainment for all those who are attending the carnival. This included giants mechanical and electronic games in addition to the multi-dimensional-cinema (D7).

Mr. Majid AlHokair, The Vice Chairman of AlHokair Group,  explained that supporting a carnival such as Mizwalah is part of our social responsibility to support voluntary initiatives and encourage other institutes to do the same. 


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