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Ramadan Nights in AlHokair Group Hotels

AlHokair Group’s Hotels invited families to a delicious Iftar from all around the world, celebrating the unique experience of the holy month with a distinctive Ramadan atmosphere that reflects the history of the hospitality industry.

"We look forward to welcoming our guests this holy month of Ramadan with a new look inspired by this Holy Month" said Haitham Murad, the General Manager of the Hotel Sector. This is done through providing an exceptional levels of service that have always been characterized with AlHokair Group's hotels. They add oriental decorations that provide an oriental Islamic atmosphere for visitors to experience when they first arrive at one of our hotels.  AlHokair hotels aim to create an unforgettable peaceful experience that best fits the spirituality of the Holy Month of Ramadan. The Iftar banquet includes a variety of traditional Saudi dishes, as well as Lebanese, Egyptian, Indian, Asian and international dishes.


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