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Al-Hokair Launches 12 "Go-Go Toys" Stores in the Kingdom

Mr. Majid Al- Hokair, Chief Executive Officer of the Group and stores, has opened 12 branches of Go-Go Toys in the Saudi cities of Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Dhahran and Qassim, which offers various combinations of games and toys aimed at educating children increasing motor and intellectual skills. The recent decision to open the stores is an extension of a series of activities carried out by Al-Hokair in benefiting society, citizens and Saudi families. The 12 new locations of Go-Go toys are located at:


1 / Oceanica Riyadh Gallery

2 /Al- Hokair Land

3 / Metro Police Panorama

4 / Jumbo Hayat Mall

6 / Sparky's Aziz Mall

7 / Sparky's Red Sea

8 / Movie Town Andalus Mall

9 / Fort X Arab Mall

10 / Fun Town Al-Qassim

11 / Sparky's Dhahran Mall 12 / Sparky's Al-Hassa Mall 

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