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Saudi Smile Launches Photo Exhibition to Celebrate World Smile Day and Promote a Culture of Tolerance in Saudi Society


For the occasion of World Smile Day, "Saudi Smile" has launched a photo exhibition to promote a culture of tolerance in Saudi society. 


The Saudi group decided to launch the First Smile Photography Exhibition to begin in the capital city of Riyadh in order to promote smiling in the Kingdom, with plans to cover the remaining Saudi cities as well as some Arab and international capitals. 


Abdul Mohsen Al Hokair Group's Chairman stated that the "Saudi Smile" exhibition, photographs, posters and brochures in efforts of publicizing smiling and its role in the lives of citizens and Saudi society. 


The images taken at the exhibition were created by professional local and international photographers, reflecting the status of the smile in daily Saudi life and the major role it can play in the culture concerning maintaining love and tolerance among people. 


He stressed that unfortunately there are those who think that the Saudi people do not like smiling and instead loves frown and pout, perhaps because there are some difficulties underpinning people due to their daily commitments and responsibilities, but that the reality is otherwise. "Since the Kingdom's founding by King Abdul Aziz - God rest his soul – smiling, has been a sign of benevolence and tolerance of others." 


Al-Hokair further said that the aim of the exhibition is to spread the culture of smiling and its magic effect. "It does not cost the owner anything to give, but possesses a large pay back that cannot be comprehended." 


He added that the Saudi people are inclined to smiling, since the society and religion calls upon all Muslims to smile. We are keen to have Saudi to be widely known as a country of smiles, out of all who live on this earth. In addition, Saudi Arabia is a country of revelation, the land of the Two Holy Mosques, and affiliated with the religion of love and peace, and therefore it should consist of the happiest people on earth, living with a smile for everyone that comes to the country or residents of the region. 


He pointed out that the group is currently keen on working towards one goal, which is to spread the culture of a smile among the various groups in society and plan to launch many different events for this purpose such as seminars, conferences and workshops. 


The symposium was attended by a wide range of intellectuals, academics, journalists and a number of other people in the community interested in the culture of a smile. 

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