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AlHokair Opens its First Global Pezzo Restaurant in Jeddah

AlHokair Group opened its first branch of the Pezzo global restaurant chain in

Jeddah’s Mall of Arabia’s Sparky’s during Eid AlFitr. The restaurant serves a

variety of pizza flavors in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

The restaurant attracted a huge number of pizza lovers from its first day and

was considered a great success. This of course came as no surprise since Pezzo

is considered a global brand that appeals to younger generations with its lively

atmosphere which gives its guests the opportunity to choose from a list of

fictional varieties that are freshly prepared in front of them evoking an

atmosphere of fun which is inspired by carnivals and circus characters such as

clowns, tiger tamers and acrobats.

AlHokair is also expecting to open another branch in Dharan Mall’s Sparky’s

very soon.

Mish’al AlHokair, the Executive Vice President and General Manager of the

Entertainment Sector, expressed his excitement for the opening of the new

branch in Dhahran which will coincides with Eid al-Adha and the National Day

hoping that it will appeal to its guests’ high expectations.

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