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In cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, Al Hokair Group puts smiles on the faces of quarantined children


Al Hokair Group has continued its efforts aimed at drawing smiles on the faces of children and bringing them joy for decades. Al Hokair group gave away gifts to 400 children in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism. For children who spend the quarantine period in hotels in Riyadh for a period of (14 ) days as part of the precautionary measures of the Corona virus, and with this initiative, the aim of this initiative is to celebrate Eid al-Fitr with the children and to help them go through the  quarantine for the sake of their health, as they were provided a health and medical control organization around the clock.

The Executive Vice President, Director General of the Entertainment Sector, Mishaal Al-Hokair, said: "This initiative is a continuation of the kingdom's efforts to combat the Coronavirus and strengthen its programs in the field of prevention and psychological support by providing them with support within quarantine in recognition of their commitment to the directives of the competent authorities in quarantine, There is no doubt that giving gifts to our children on Eid and drawing a smile and on their faces is very important as it helps them through the time of their quarantine and to adhere to it."


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