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Sparky’s Ambassadors, which is part of AlHokair Group, hosted an event to support and develop the skills of the youth. The event was organized by young volunteers who came up with many cultural and educational activities that families along with their children enjoyed and interacted with when they visited AlHokair’s entertainment centers. 

The event was held in AlHokair Center for Entertainment and Exercise, formerly known as AlRabwah Entertainment Center, which is the 2nd entertainment center to be launched in the seventies after AlMalazEntertainment Center. Of course, back then this was considered a great leap in the tourism and entertainment sectors in Saudi Arabia 

Sparky’s Entertainment Center includes Snowyforest, which is a huge soft-play park for kids, and Sky Zone Trampoline Park, which is largest in the Kingdom. 

The event also included some interesting activities such as “I Art” which is an activity that aims to change the way children view art by showing them the different types of art they can excel at as well as, introducing them to the history of art and its famous pioneers. 

It also included an activity entitled “One” which aimed to strengthen the sense of belonging in children, implement Islamic values, highlight the humanitarian role of the Kingdom play nationally and internationally and upholding the value of defending your country as well as the important role our soldiers who are currently stationed at the border have.

Sparky’s ambassadors also hosted a drawing competition for children from the age of 6 to 12 years oldto discover hidden artistic talents with three prizes for the best three drawings.

AlHokair purpose of hosting such an event is to emphasize the role of art in our daily life and to help children develop their artistic taste. This will help them later on in appreciating the art and cultures of others as well as their own. 


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