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At AlYamamah University’ “Consulting Hours” Forum AlHokair Reveals its Life Lessons to Future Generations

Al-Yamamah University launched an educational and informative program entitled "Consulting Hours" under the umbrella of the Deanship of Continuing Education and Community Service and in the presence of Mr. Mohammed AlRudaini and Mr. Majid AlHokair, the CEO of AbdulMohsen AlHokair Holding Company, and Mr. Khalid AlOthaim, General Director Aani and Dani, and Mr. Salman AlSuheibani, the brains behind Morni, the app. 

Majid AlHokair spoke about the beginnings of the Group in the entertainment sector and the establishment of the first theme park in the region and how the entertainment sector was developed and the Group’s huge investments in major cities, as well as the launch of the first hotel, Andalusiah Hotel. He also spoke about his life in sports and the life lessons he learnt, stressing that there are many areas to invest and work in, all it needs is some determination and planning. 


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